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Kelas acquired the European “CE” certificate
date:2012-11-02   Times watched: 738   Author:kelas

        “CE” is a standard for safety security. It is a passport to enter European market. Products that want to enter European market must be sticked with “CE” label no matter where the products from. If you want to get this certificate, you must pass series of inspection and detection. Luckily, we KLS has finally gotten this certificate in November after long time strenuous efforts.

        It is the event that must pass series of examinations and process. We KLS submitted our important technical documents to the third public institution accepting their rigorous examinations in the price, risk assessment, technical evaluation, conformity assessment, CE guarantee statement and the third notified body’s audit. After series of test, our AdBlue filling equipment, no matter in technology, performance, production or quality management system ,has all reach their standard of. Our products have high persistence, stability and security.

        Getting “CE” certificate has many advantages. We can lower down the risk to sell our products in European market because we don’t need to satisfy every country’s specific requirements. Getting “CE” certificate means our products fit the European standard of security, healthy and environmental protection. Getting “CE” certificate is our promise to customers and the whole world.