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More clients join in Kelas Antifreeze Coolant
date:2012-10-19   Times watched: 512   Author:kelas

        Recently, good news pervaded KLS investment department. New clients in Shandong province applied to join in our antifreeze coolant.

        KLS antifreeze coolant has been favored by many agents who deputize lubricating oil, antifreeze coolant and vehicle accessories from every province of China. Since KLS antifreeze coolant was produced in 2011, those agents from every province of China take great interest in joining our business. This week, some district area in Shandong province applied the agency for our antifreeze coolant which means our agents number reached 56 so far.

        KLS antifreeze coolant obtains non-toxic alcohols, inorganic salts from plant and animal resources as its ingredients, when be abandoned, it can be resolved through microorganism without any pollution to environment. It is a new high-tech environmental engine coolant. Our antifreeze coolant agents are excellent in their motor-dom because they’ve got high sense of social responsibility to improve our environment. Apart from this, they also have acute business insights because they choose to join in KLS antifreeze coolant which has bright future in market.