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KLS formally Nanjing University "ambient air pollution and control" Cooperative base

March 28, 2015, KLS company in Nanjing organized a national dealer meeting on the theme "Under the blue dome of a win." The conference KLS officially unveiled the new VI system, De-NOx flag grand release. Assembly site, KLS wonderful show support smooth vehicle urea, low-sulfur diesel oil, low ash diesel engine oil, diesel system cleaning and other new products.

Professor of the same period of the General Assembly, director of Nanjing University Center for Atmospheric Research and Environment Wang Qin Jian Jian body KLS general manager attended the Nanjing University together with KLS company to build "air pollution control and environmental control" Cooperative group listing ceremony. Professor Wang said, will make full use of their respective advantages to jointly cooperate to develop new technologies and new products in environmental air pollution related fields. This partnership marks the Nanjing University and KLS between, following the signing of a memorandum of cooperation last September and a big step forward.

In the future, KLS Nanjing University R & D center will be the atmosphere, the environment, chemicals and other faculty and students to carry out research and practice, will be an important base for scientific research and industrial docking, the two sides will jointly set up research groups, strengthen the comprehensive motor vehicle exhaust gas treatment air pollution from vehicle control and other areas of cooperation.

KLS admitted to the United Nations Global Compact

March 20, 2014, Jiangsu KLS Automobile Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. officially admitted to the United Nations Global Compact, which not only reflects the KLS commitment to the global commitment to environmental protection, but also for the development of the road can be re-established milestones KLS .

United Nations Global Compact is a voluntary corporate citizenship based global organization, called on companies to comply with the ten principles of human rights, labor standards, the environment and anti-corruption, etc., aimed at mobilizing multinational companies worldwide with United Nations agencies to join forces to fulfill their social responsibility to achieve sustainable development.

It is understood that the organization a total of more than 8,000 business participants in 135 countries and non-commercial, most well-known large enterprise groups at home and abroad have joined the organization. Poon as early as October 2008, will officially become a member of the Global Compact. September 2013, deputy general manager Lv Zhenya Lung Poon also attended the Global Compact, held in New York, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon personally presided over the summit. .

KLS as a wholly owned subsidiary of Jiangsu Lung Poon's science and technology since its inception in 2009, their responsibility to protect the environment, committed to pollution prevention and control work in the field of environmental protection, the creation of a number of first, the scale of China's industry AdBlue largest enterprises. As the state's environmental protection work pace to accelerate progress, KLS has closely followed the national environmental policy oriented and has introduced new products, continued to expand production capacity in the domestic market share lead, currently KLS products have been exported to Japan, countries Russia, Australia, Chile, Turkey, Singapore, domestic and foreign users.

KLS can Qin Jian, general manager, said: "As a member of the Global Compact, we will be in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the Global Compact, and fulfill the ten principles of the Global Compact, and annually submit an annual progress report to the United Nations Global Compact Office, in on the road of sustainable development continue to explore and actively with international practice, let KLS become a more international business. "

KLS officially joined the United Nations' concern about climate change, "international action

By the end of March 2014, a letter from the United Nations' concern about climate change "welcome letter organization, marking KLS officially joined the" Caring for Climate Change "international action initiated by the United Nations, but also once again demonstrates the Jiangsu Environmental Protection Technology KLS Cars Limited attention to the firm determination of the global environment.

"Caring for Climate Change" (Caring for Climate) action by the United Nations Global Compact, UNEP and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development in 2007, co-sponsored enterprises involved in this initiative must be committed to the full participation of improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon displacement into action, and regularly report to the United Nations Environment enterprises to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions progress made in improving other aspects; to the extent possible, the support of the whole society to address climate change, at present, there are from 48 countries, more than 30 industries, more than 300 companies participated in this action. Poon in 2009 had already become a member of the action today, Lung Poon's KLS also officially became a member of this family, and many companies around the world together to support governments and social agencies to respond global climate change.

KLS company since its inception, has always been to improve the global ecological responsibility, and strive to create a market-leading, technology-leading environmental technology companies, KLS comply with the requirements of the times and technological progress, has introduced a vehicle AdBlue ,, biodegradable antifreeze and other automotive environmentally friendly products and developed the production of a series of vehicle AdBlue filling equipment, the Chinese market has become the top enterprise of AdBlue.

Qin Jian, general manager of Jiangsu KLS Automobile Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., said KLS will continue to focus on "technology RSCG, add blue to the simple" concept, through technological innovation, research and innovation, product innovation, and strive for China and the world contribute to the cause of environmental protection.