Company Culture
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科技还原绿色生活 走进可兰素
Brand Culture

Company Philosophy:Responsibility,Innovation,challenge.

Company Perspective:Technology restore green life.

Company Principle:Blue sky,clean water and fresh air.Kelas leads the new era for the environmental protection.

Company Philosophy:Technology first,refining vehicle green product;specification-oriented, returning a patch of blue sky.

Company Perspective:Take full control of continuous improvement to forgeahead in pursuit of excellence

Company Principle:Highest product quality opens Chinese AdBlue market.

Keen innovation and pursue excellence, struggle for the target of reducing emissions and creating better air environment for human, continue to make great efort for higher goal, realize the innovation and breakthrough. Motivate and encourage our employees to keep the lofty pursuit of spirit; create a new era of China environmental protection with the spirit of unremitting struggle.