Brand Story
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科技还原绿色生活 走进可兰素
Brand Profile

Parent - Poon technology brand concept:

Longpan Technology (full name: Jiangsu Lung Poon Co., Ltd.) to create "people, vehicles, life" liquid technology leadership brand in the "responsibility, innovation, challenge," the corporate gene driven by, uphold the "science and technology RSCG, Road to Jane "values, help people, cars, life needs to achieve easy.

KLS corporate philosophy:

KLS, intelligence technology to create the future, in order to restore the environment simple life. The perfect interpretation of KLS to improve the global ecological environment as their responsibility, and strive to build the market for the first, leading technology and environmental protection high-tech enterprises, through technological innovation, research and innovation, product innovation, and strive for China and the global ecological environment improvement and economic development play an active role.

KLS brand proposition: SCIENCE reduction green living

KLS brand slogan: KLS can make the sky becomes blue elements