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科技还原绿色生活 走进可兰素
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Message from the President:

Flying dreams embracing sky

It starts with mountains and rivers of the United States, Fairview Vientiane updated spring. On the occasion of New Year's Day 2016 is approaching, I would like on behalf of Jiangsu KLS Automobile Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. to long-term care, support, help company leaders at all levels of development, all the friends old and new customers to express my heartfelt thanks and best best wishes! Year to make an important contribution to the development of the company all employees to express my sincere thanks! I wish you all a Happy New Year, good health, happy family and good luck!

By 2015, large areas of fog and haze swept the country, people's health and life severely affected. China's environmental protection cause unprecedented attention, all the people involved in environmental protection, the people call the blue sky.

2015, KLS thrive. More and more friends to join KLS, KLS number of employees over and over, adding 80, 90, so that KLS all the more vibrant, young and progressive.

Over the past year, we go hand in hand, to tackle tough, low urea "Ice Chang" shocked the market, the perfect solution to the country's four-car cold area with urea crystallization problems, to fill gaps in the domestic. We also continue to adjust the structure of enterprises, improve management, enhance the level of research and development, the development of productivity, increase the pace of network construction, improve service quality.

Passion and sweat achievements of the past, confidence and tenacity cast the future.

As vehicle urea industry's leading brands, 2016, KLS will seize the opportunity, actively innovation, will continue to specialize in the heart, diligent industry, in fact, in the line, and we can work together to make greater contributions to the cause of environmental protection.

2016, let us more entrepreneurial spirit, more innovative ideas, more pragmatic style, more solid pace, clear square

To strengthen confidence, Ningxinjuli, unity and hard work, work together to achieve our common sky plan.