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科技还原绿色生活 招商专区
Brand Culture

With the strength to win the honor with respect to write history with the passion to create the future

Just a few years, KLS create remarkable achievements:

Car companies to develop standard products and AdBlue technology supervision departments authorized by the State

Relationship with famous universities start technical cooperation, joint vehicle AdBlue products

German Automotive Industry Association VDA certification of AdBlue, DEF certification of the American Petroleum Institute API certification and China Internal Combustion Engine Association CGT

Sponsored global conference AdBlue

The vehicle AdBlue products exported to international markets

Mass production AdBlue filling stations

Production of low-temperature AdBlue

Become the domestic car prices and large end-users car AdBlue products designated suppliers

2013.2014 consecutive years ranked the UK advisory body INTEGER Chinese automotive market research report list urea

And agents to grow has been the development of KLS unshaken, and also the Koran to continue to develop prime reason for the success and growth lies. We will be following aspects of your operation of the market to provide a full range of support: